Best survival mods for Minecraft

Survival is Minecraft's default mode. This is the foundation of Minecraft. The world is full of hostile and passive creatures called mobs.

Vanilla Minecraft is still favored by many but there are tons of mods, shaders and resource packs that might change their mind.

The way Minecraft looks and feels is changed by resource packs. These packs transform a Minecraft world into an anime-like setting. There are many resources available online for Minecraft.

5) Visible ores

This mod makes Minecraft's mining process very easy. After the mod is applied, all ores in Minecraft will have a highlighted border that glows to aid the player in finding them.

You can spot ores from far away, and if you run out of torchlights, you will be able identify ores in darkness.

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4) Tissou's Zombie Pack

This resource pack completely reworked the Minecraft zombie mob. This pack adds hundreds more textures to the mob. This pack will ensure that players always have a unique-textured zombie in their Minecraft world.

It also incorporates new animations and sounds, as well as Optifine that makes the eyes of zombies glow at night.

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3) Invisible item frames

This resource pack does exactly as it says. This resource pack makes item frames invisible. The contents of the frames are visually pleasing with this pack. You can place weapons, food, and other items anywhere you like, without the item frames being visible. This can make your survival house minimalistic.

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2) New animations

This resource pack adds animations to Minecraft's mobs. It mostly adds movement animations. To make spiders look creepier and more realistic, the crawling animation is changed. Villagers can be heard to breathe, while the Iron golem's single eyebrow moves.

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1) Creatures +

This resource pack introduces new mob types to the game. This pack includes new types and breeds of animals such as wolves and turtles. Foxes, for example, can spawn as a raccoon or badger.

There are many different breeds of wolves, and dolphins can spawn in the form of Orcas or whales.

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Survival mode in Minecraft is now much more exciting and interesting thanks to the resource packs. These textures are smooth and offer a satisfying experience for players.