Frost scythe guide

Frost Scythe is an exclusive variant of Soul Scythe. It's a melee weapon that can be used in Minecraft Dungeons and has a large range.

The Frost Scythe is not a perfect weapon and can be outclassed with more than a few other unique weapons. However, it can still be an important part of a hero’s arsenal in Minecraft Dungeons.

The Frost Scythe's greatest advantage is its large attack range. It can hit multiple enemies with one swing. A melee weapon such as the Frost Scythe is a great tool for clearing out hostile mobs. It can also be used to clear the path forward by cutting down multiple enemies at once.

Minecraft Dungeons - Obtaining the Frost Scythe

As with all loot in Minecraft Dungeons the Frost Scythe can only be obtained by relying on the RNG (random number generator), to get it.

Heroes should be aware that the Frost Scythe is only available at certain levels. Players will have to consult Luxury, Mystery, and Piglin merchants at camp in order to ensure that the frigid weapon is included in their rotating inventories.

If players hunt for the Frost Scythe instead of buying it from a seller, it can be dropped in the following levels:

The Frost Scythe is available in all levels, and can be found in a merchant's inventory. It can also drop in Ancient Hunts in Minecraft Dungeons.

When defeated, the mob known as the First Enchanter can also drop the unique item. It is subject to RNG as any other item drop but gives heroes another chance to grab the weapon.

The Frost Scythe is similar to Minecraft Dungeons Soul Scythe. It has solid stopping power, a large attack range and can strike multiple foes. The Frost enchantment of the scythe can slow down targets for up to three seconds. The scythe also grants a +1 to Soul Gathering which is a common mechanic shared by all scythe weapon types.

Although it doesn't have the same pure damage as other weapons, the Frost Scythe can be used to clear multiple mobs at once. It also slows them down and keeps them away from following for a few seconds.