Minecraft Blast Furnace

24th Dec, 2022

Minecraft Blast Furnace

Minecraft is a huge virtual hit and players have plenty to do. Things have improved a lot since its launch in 2011.

There's a lot to love in Minecraft right now, including the amazing Minecraft How to Train Your Dragon DLC. But if you want to learn everything you can about blast furnaces, we have you covered!

If you find smelting enjoyable (and it should be), then read on. For all the furnace-filled details, read on.

How to Use a Minecraft Create Furnace

You can melt your gear down into iron ingots by using a blast furnace. This will make it possible to create other items in the game.

You will need to search for armourer homes in Minecraft villages to find them - remember that you can also change the profession from villager to armourer if necessary.

To make a regular furnace, you'll need eight pieces of Cobblestone to the crafting grid. This is what you'll need before you can make a blast one. Once that's done, you can start working on the Blast Furnace. These are the materials you will need.

Here's how to put all of this in the crafting grid.

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How to use a blaster furnace in Minecraft

You now have a blast furnace. How do you use it. It is used to smelt, among other things, ore blocks, tools, and armour. A blast furnace makes it melt twice as fast. Unfortunately, fuel can also be used twice as fast - swings or roundabouts.

You will need to set the state to 'lit" by placing the fuel and item on the blast furnace. After it finishes melting, you can select 'use item to collect the item.