Minecraft Netherite

11th Dec, 2022

Minecraft Netherite

What is Minecraft netherite? Minecraft's latest material is now available in the 1.16 update. You can find it in the Nether. It is possible to make it from an old ore called ancient material. Here's how.

Netherite is not for the faint-hearted. It's a highly-specialized material that you should definitely explore a Minecraft Nether portal to find. It can be used to upgrade your diamond gear but it isn't diamond+. This opens up new possibilities for netherite gear, tools, and weapons.

To get your hands on the strongest material in Minecraft, you will need to travel to the Nether to find rare ancient debris. You'll then craft netherite ingots from this material to create the best weapons and armour. How do you find netherite? We'll help you navigate the entire process, from digging in the dark soil to showing off your netherite equipment. This video will show you how to make netherite in Minecraft. It also includes netherite effects and why it is so much better than diamonds.

How to find Netherite on Minecraft

Minecraft netherite is not found in ore form in the ground, unlike diamond. Instead, you will be looking for ancient debris (or a block in the Nether) - which is extremely rare. To harvest it, you'll need at most a diamond pickaxe.

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Veins are the best place to find ancient debris. They are always completely covered in blocks (or lava on each side) so that you can't see them from the surface. Instead, you will need to dig down. Ancient debris can be found anywhere from y=22 up to y=8, but it is most common at y=15.

How to make netherite in minecraft

Once you have found some ancient debris, it is time to craft netherite scrap. Once you have melted an ancient block of debris in a furnace or blast furnace to make one netherite scrap, you can start crafting the next step. To make one netherite ingot, you will need four netherite scraps.

How to make Netherite Armour and Netherite weapons

After searching the Nether for ancient debris, you will only need one netherite inggot for each piece netherite equipment. Instead of making your new tools from pure netherite, upgrade your existing diamond armour and weaponry by using a smithing board to combine them with your netherite Ingot.

You can find smithing tables in the village blacksmith's shop, or you can make one yourself using wood planks or iron ingots. You can transfer any enchantments to your diamond equipment, but they won't be reset. If your diamond equipment needs to be restored, you will need an anvil.

Minecraft netherite effects

What can you do with your shiny netherite in Minecraft's lava-filled underworld? All netherite items are able to float, which is handy for exploring Minecraft's lava-filled underworld.

Netherite items are a great upgrade to diamond. They are a great upgrade to diamond. Netherite weapons are more powerful and deal more damage than standard diamond gear. Additionally, netherite armour is tougher and lasts longer than average diamond gear. You'll be barely knocked back if you're wearing your netherite fineries. This cool new material has an additional benefit, especially if your goal is to conquer the Minecraft boss and require extra padding.