Minecraft Servers

6th Dec, 2022

Minecraft Servers

There are many Minecraft factions servers, but not all of them are equal. Here's why.

There are many factors that can make a Minecraft server more desirable and appropriate to play than others.

Some of the most important features include unique gameplay, excellent base raiding mechanics, and lag-free PvP combat.

This list does not include all Minecraft factions servers. They are all fun to play and each one is unique.

Minecraft's most suitable factions servers


Purple Prison is a unique and outstanding server that combines Minecraft factions server elements with inspiration. Purple Prison uses the unique feature "gangs" instead of factions.

Players can create gangs, manage their gang bank account, and fight against other players. This is very similar to the classic factions system, but with some fun twists.

Purple Prison is a Minecraft server that has been invaded by aliens from another dimension. It is a very distinctive aesthetic that works wonderfully to give players a feeling unlike other Minecraft servers.

Purple Prison is a great and highly enjoyable experience for Minecrafters.


VanityMC boasts over 2000 players daily and is a massive Minecraft factions server. The server is competitive and intense in PvP, so only the most skilled Minecraft players can thrive on VanityMC.

VanityMC's unique feature is their different factions servers. Each server caters to different types of players. Their "Demonic" factions servers are a server that allows players to create large groups of factions.

Their 'Runic factions server was designed to be more accessible to solo players. This approach to Minecraft factions makes competition fair for everyone and sets VanityMC apart.


Datblock is a hub-server that offers great factions server experiences under its network. Datblock factions, a Minecraft factions server, is designed to provide a classic experience while staying true the roots of the gamemode.

Datblock factions are a great option for people who have not played the gamemode in some time or at all and want something simpler or more casual.

Datblock factions feel a little like a trip down memory lane, reminiscent of many large and legendary past-generation faction servers.


The Archon is an online Minecraft factions server that has been around for more than 6 years. The Archon has drastically changed its factions server in 2020, compared to its early days.

Unique features of The Archon Minecraft factions Server include heavy base raiding gameplay and an interesting 'farming-based economy' as well as notable real life monetary payouts.

The server is made very competitive by the cash incentive. Some seasons pay out thousands of dollars to top faction players.


MassiveCraft is the Minecraft factions server that was actually owned by the original Minecraft factions plugin developer. This information alone can conclude that this server is special.

MassiveCraft offers so many features that it is difficult to keep track of them all. A few of the most notable features include faction taxes, faction achievements, custom items, and custom PvP bosses.